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What is Hypertufa?
... handmade artificial stone..., a combination of concrete and aggregates such as peat moss, and Perlite or sand, and water molded into a decorative treasure for your garden, yard, or patio.
For that inexpensive garden ornament: a planter, trough, or pot, a birdbath, pedestal, or toad house, try your hand at some easy creativity and join the Hypertufa revival.
Some may think that Hypertufa is a derivative of tufa, not so.  Tufa rocks are natural mineral deposits capable of supporting plants and mosses.  They are considered a treasure for your garden and are very difficult to find or purchase. 
Hypertufa is a man-made rock like medium not to be confused with real tufa.  The basic Hypertufa recipe is made from varying amounts of Portland cement, peat moss, Perlite or sand, and water that when bonded, molded and cured, takes on a stone-like appearance.  Visitors will think you bought one of those expensive carved stone planters or sculptures at the garden shop. 
In our informative ebook on "How To Create Hypertufa Treasures",  discover all the secrets you will need to be successful.
If these are some of your questions then our ebook is for you:
  • What are good Hypertufa recipes?
  • What is the process to make Hypertufa?
  • What hypertufa projects are possible?
  • What is the Hypertufa cure time?
  • How and when do you texturize the hypertufa projects?
  • What types of Hypertufa molds work best?
  • How do you make Hypertufa molds?
For seven easy steps for the beginner, follow our site and learn how to make Hypertufa.  And, grab your more detailed Hypertufa manual for everything you need to know.   Whether you're a beginner or experienced there are gems in this manual for everyone.
If you're a visual learner, watch our home grown 'how to' videos.
The benefits of Hypertufa are rewarding. . .
  • Enjoy an inexpensive hobby.
  • Create long lasting, durable, and light weight garden enhancements.
  • Display your handmade projects. 
  • Satisfy your creative edge. 
  • Beautify your gardens and patios.
  • Use a plethora of shapes and forms that pleases the eye.
  • Make as gifts.
  • Sell locally and make some fun pin money.
  • Get the kids and grand-kids involved for family bonding time.
Leaf Casting Bonus
Learn how to make leaf castings using some of your garden leaves.  Find all sizes of leaves that have lovely raised veins visible on the backside.  Rhubarb and Hosta leaves are my particular favorites because we have a free supply of them in our back yard in many sizes and shapes.
These are a great addition to any garden or patio.  Your friends and relatives will beg you for them.